KAMAN HORMOZGAN CO. LTD. Is an Iranian Based Company, established in 1991 in Bandar Abbas (one of the famous ports in Persian gulf) and its branch in Tehran (The Capital City of Iran)with the following aims:

A-     Design and Supply of Marine Electronics (Communications & Navigations and SOLAS/ EPIRB & SART) Equipment for the vessels (Private and Governmental)  and Oil & Gas Platforms as one of official approved Co.  by the Port Authority of Iran as per the attached certificate.

B-      Installation, commissioning and training of  items A&B through its trained staffs.

Our technical staffs are trained at Denmark , Japan and Germany as Kaman Hormozgan was the appointed repair center of Sailor and Furuno and C.Plath.

Kaman Hormozgan till now has carried out the No. of offshore and onshore project in Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea which some of them are as follow:

1-      Supply and installation of communication and Navigation package on various type of vessels i.e.  Cargo , Tanker and Fisheries as part of New Build, Renovation and upgrading project.

2-      Installation and Commissioning of the Named systems on the platforms ( Kaman Hormozgan were appointed by the foreign contractor of the Rig to carry out the job).

Over the period of time Kaman Hormozgan has developed itself in the competitive market due to strategic planning, high quality standards and prompt delivery through well-known manufacturers/suppliers or contractors and It is always our aim to have a chance for cooperate in future with the said firms